Old World Order

us_distress-flagI cannot tell you how disappointed and how very sorry I am that this is the world to which we have woken. It is understandable that your confidence in all that is just, right, principled, moral, respectful, and humane is shaken. Not because Clinton, for  her numerous faults, did not win, but because this nation chose a bigoted, xenophobic, nativistic, misogynistic cheater as their champion.

I cannot tell you how to proceed. We are in uncharted waters and any compassionate and caring person would be deflated.

Some among us have issued calls for unity, of acknowledgement, of understanding the opposition. I cannot abide in a space covered with a thin veneer of respectful professionalism, I cannot endure former political opposition that now asserts Trump heard the voices of ignored Americans when really he tapped into the basest of all human behaviors — fear, loathing, and sexual arousal.

I fear for the black people of this nation, for the brown, for the yellow, for all women, for lgbtq. Today, people with each of these characteristics told me they were not OK, that they were fearful being in a nation where half cheered for, and chose, this path. It raised the hair on the back of my neck.

Still, we must plod on… with cautious outlook, to find a way to carve out an existence in this new, morally barren landscape.





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